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12 Amazing Photographs Capturing The Miracle Of Childbirth

Lena C

To many, the genuine moment of a child's introduction to the world is the most exciting, wonderful, and important in our existence on the planet. Most would affirm that no author can articulate this experience, no artist can place it into tune, and no individual can sufficiently clarify it.
In its unique way, childbirth is miraculous. 

The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers (IAPBP) held a competition on their annual Image of the Year. The theme of the competition was the miracle that is childbirth. 
Here are the 12 more incredible and beautiful photos: 

1. "Transition": Photograph taken by Snap Life.


Childbirth is very emotional for anyone experiencing it, and while we do not know if these are tears of pure happiness or tears of pure agony(most likely a little bit of both), this is still an amazing moment. 

2. "Mommy's Little helper": Photograph taken by Lacey Barratt.


This picture captures the moment of this little kid understanding she is going to be a big sister. 

3. "Support": Photograph was taken by Ashton Renee.


The levels of trust and support you receive from your lover were never this high, bringing a child together into this world makes a couple closer than ever. 

4. "Power": Photograph was taken by Thistle + Lace.


She might be screaming, she might be in pain. But all we see is a strong woman determined to get her baby out into this world and care for him like no other. Pictures like this makes me want to drive immediately to my own mother and hug her. 

5. "O MY WORD!!!": Photograph was taken by Genesis Birth


The young inexperienced newly dad is terrified and excited, but more than anything, he is happy! More than he ever was in his life. 

6. "The Goddess: she looks within to draw strength": Photograph was taken by Emma Jean.


Sometimes in life, you need to dig deep and find that fire within needed to get through this pain. This is truly a Goddess. 

7. 7. "Technology saves the day (and the baby)": Photograph was taken by Melissa Jean.

7. 7.

The longer you look at this photo, the more amazing it gets. 

8. "She's here!": Photograph was taken by Blue Muse.


There is no feeling in the world that can match the one you feel when you hold your baby for the first time. Seriously, nothing compares. 

9. "Pause": Photograph was taken by Erin Monroe Photography.


The moment when you know you are going to change status from pregnant to mother in just a few moments from now. 

10. "Where peace starts": Photograph was taken by Natalia Walth.


This was, in fact, the winner of the Postpartum competition, capturing the moment when the exhausted mother can finally get some rest. 

11. "The Surge": Photograph was taken by Apple Blossom Families.


Talking about winning this event, here is the winner in the Labor category, with a woman in sharp pain demonstration how tough as nails women get when they get to be in labor. 

12. A picture of "Underwater birth, baby with gorgeous curly hair": Photograph was taken by Marijke Thoen Geboortefotografie

12. A picture of

Here comes the photo that won as the best overall in the competition with an amazing photograph of an underwater birth of a beautiful baby with curly hair.