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Chris Pratt Got His "Spousal Proposal" AKA Popping The Question Rejected, Decided To Give The Best Response Ever

Lena C

Are we all acquainted with Chris Pratt right? Star of such movies as Jurassic World, Guardians of the Galaxy, my dreams...He's a performer, father, and all-around perfect human who positions in the main two with regards to my most loved Hollywood Chris. I'm sad, however, have you seen Chris Hemsworth ever?

Chris has a tendency to have a great comical inclination on the web, dropping diverting tweets, (for example, the one underneath) that make them laugh through our morning espresso on the normal  rutine.

Chris is back at it again with the LOLs after Guardians of the Galaxy director, James Gunn, posted this photo of himself on set with Pratt, and his solution to Chris' undeniable proposition to be engaged.

Would we be able to solidify outline, delay, rewind, and stop for a moment and talk about how anybody could divert down a proposition to be engaged from the unrivaled Christopher Michael Pratt?!

Chris had an exceptionally proficient and exceedingly funny reaction to his executive, yet we know he's crying within. It's alright, Chris. Give it a chance to out. We're here for you.

A few fans were somewhat less than strong and taunted our dear Pratt.

Others concurred with us and couldn't trust somebody would dismiss this man.

Numerous resembled us, and were prepared to advance into James' place, should Chris happen to inquire.

Try not to stress, Chris. We are here for you amid this attempting time, and will dependably be a shoulder for you to cry on.