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This Guy Planted 400 Acres Of Sunflowers Seed To Pay Respects After His Wife Lost To Cancer, The Reason Behind Will Warm Your Hearts!

Lena C

Babbette Jaquish was known as the "Sunflower Lady" in the Eau Claire, Wisconsin,  where she lived. When she kicked the bucket in November after a long fight with cancer, her significant other, money grain farmer Don Jaquish, chose to make her dream come true, the one she had always wanted. He planted 400 sections of land of sunflowers and began an organization, Babbette's Seeds of Hope, to fund-raise for malignancy examine. 

"She understood the significance of research in clinical trials. She heard the bad news and learned that she will live two weeks to two months to nine years," Jaquish disclosed to ABC News. "Her demeanor was regular I can remain alive I'm one day more like a cure. Shockingly her wellbeing simply continued declining throughout the years, and it got the chance to be excessive to begin and work a business when she was so ill." 

Babbette Jaquish was nicknamed the “Sunflower Lady”.

The reason behind her nickname is her wish to sell sunflower seeds in order to raise funds for cancer studies and research but sadly, she died and passed away last November.

Babbette's significant other Don chose to fulfil her dream, so he planted 400 acres of land with sunflowers and began Babbette's Seeds Of Hope.

Few months after Babbette’s death, Don found a letter that his wife wrote to him.

In the letter she asked him to move on with his life and live every moment because life is short.

“…Feel me in the morning air, and when you wake up and make your coffee because I will always be there with you."