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Widowed Dad Who Lost His Wife Has Found The Will To Live In The Most Unthinkable Place

Lena C

Having a child is one of the most joyful occasions in a someone's life. Tragically, for unseasoned parents Matt and Liz Logelin, it wasn't all uplifting news. Only one day after their little girl was born, their reality all of a sudden came smashing down.

After the underlying shock and loss, the reality of the situation was still very troublesome for Matt to confront. Despite the fact that agony from outrageous heartache, he was resolved to contribute his family and ended up discovering support from the most clueless source that later prompts a chance of a lifetime…

Matt and Liz Logelin had the typical romantic tale everybody seeks: high school sweethearts. Following eight years of dating, Matt, at last, popped the question and they were making progress toward being united as one for all eternity– it seems, that is the thing that they thought would happen. 

The couple wedded in August 2005, ready to rule the world. Matt was a project director at Yahoo! Liz filling in as an executive at Disney, they rapidly turned into a definitive power couple. However, that was going to change.

Two years into their marriage, Matt and Liz chose to make their relationship one step further and begin a family. A little cute baby would just add to their effectively perfect life. Nonetheless, the future held a vastly different plan for the two.

All through her pregnancy, Liz experienced numerous times a larger number of complications compared to normal mother to-be. With these medical problems and an instance of extraordinary morning sickness, specialists sent her to the doctor's facility for required bed rest.

With a specific end goal to keep loved ones on the up and up, the couple chose to publish a blog that educated everybody of their present status. Weeks went ahead with Liz still in the doctor's facility, so the vast majority of the posts were being composed by Matt close by.

In March 2008, their child arrived – 7 weeks early! Since it was an emergency C-section with an untimely infant, their new little girl was surged off to the NICU before Liz even got an opportunity to hold her. In any case, Matt gladly posted, "Madeline is here!" Sadly, the enthusiasm wouldn't last…

A little more than 24 hours subsequent to delivering an offspring, Liz was being taken to the NICU so she could at long last hold little Madeline in her arms. While the medical nurses were getting her into a wheelchair, Liz grumbled of feeling bleary-eyed, and passed out.

At first, the medical nurses were not very stressed, as blacking out is normal among new mothers – particularly so not long after in the wake of conceiving an offspring. Matt, notwithstanding, couldn't shake this sentiment worry for his better half and long-lasting companion. It was then that specialists started to swarm around Liz, leading him to leave the room.

"Out of the blue it hit me. She would kick the bucket, today, here in this facility. What's more, she was never going to hold her child."
27 hours after Liz gave birth to Madeline, she experienced a blood coagulation that obstructed the air to her lungs, ending her life quickly.

Matt was compelled to confront existence without his adored lover, Liz, and bring up their child alone. In spite of the fact that he endured extraordinary sorrow, he was still brimming with delight for Madeline and resolved to take care of his baby girl as best as he could. 

Matt immediately acknowledged he wouldn't get past this without any help – he needed somebody to aid him and give an extra hand. Yet who is a possible helper? In the wake of looking into on the web, Matt found a parenting discussion situated in the place where he grew up where he could speak straightforwardly about his experience.

 Matt was likewise ready to utilize the blog him and Liz began as another emotional outlet. Despite the fact that it was made to report their relationship and life, Matt changed it into a special parenting stage where he depicted his life as a solitary parent and a widow… the reaction was overpowering.

With very nearly 50,000 guests every day, Matt's blog was all of a sudden no longer only a place for him to express his feelings, as it changed to a group of adoration and support. Between mothers offering him guidance, to different widows sharing their own story, Matt made something excellent out of something so unfortunate.

After a gathering of his blog subscribers arranged a 5K Walk/Run in Liz's respect and raised $4,000, of which he gave to other widowed families, Matt established The Liz Logelin Foundation. Every year, they hold a Celebration of Hope Gala.

Matt's blog additionally went about as an individual journal for his little girl about their rollercoaster life together. While she may have lost her mother, she will dependably have these recollections with her father through her own one of a kind online scrapbook.

The ubiquity of Matt Logelin's blog just expanded consistently, which in the long run prompted some other astonishing open doors for him and youthful Maddy – life was going to definitely change for these two once more.

Matt all of a sudden chose to leave his fruitful job to go to India with his little girl. This nation held an uncommon place in his heart, for it was the place him and Liz voyaged together after they were married. Amid the two months Matt and Maddy were there, he chipped away at something much more great than his blog…

Matt wound up composing a diary while abroad with his little girl, entitled Two Kisses for Maddy. The book was a great achievement, arriving on the New York Times Bestseller list! Lifetime even optioned a screen adjustment of it, with Channing Tatum conceivably being an executive producer.

Since the loss of his better half, Matt Logelin has been constant in his endeavors to help the individuals who have additionally lost a friend or family member. Alongside his blog, foundation, and book, he is a consistent speaker for single parents at the Annual National Conference on Widowhood.

What's more, exactly how is little Maddy today? All things considered, at nine years old and a spitting picture of her mom, she is more inquisitive than ever! Matt clarifies that she frequently makes inquiries about her mother, for example, what was the activities her mother did for fun. Despite the fact that Liz has been away for just about nine years, it appears as if her memory is still especially alive today.